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Northern Cyprus, one of the large islands of the Mediterranean Sea, with its green nature, numerous tourist attractions and mild climate, and being among the safest countries in the world, has become an important destination for many immigrants from different countries who are looking for a life full of prosperity. And they are calm, it has been.
Cypriot Turkish, which is one of the dialects of Istanbul Turkish, is the common language of the people of this country, but due to the presence of immigrants, English is also common in this country and there will be no problem in terms of communication. The capital and largest city of this country is Nicosia.

The reason for investing in North Cyprus:

Among the advantages of investing in North Cyprus, we can mention the very reasonable price of the property and its annual growth, ease of obtaining permanent residence and no need to be permanently present in this country to obtain residence. Northern Cyprus has the first place in the field of the best coastal properties according to the prestigious financial, industrial and investment publications in the world, which according to the claims of these publications, this country has advanced tourism infrastructure, luxury hotels, high security and lower costs compared to It is its counterparts in Europe that these points attract the attention of many foreign investors to buy property and invest in North Cyprus.


1-Providing advice and guidance

2-Investment advice and property purchase

3-University admission

4-Obtaining permanent residence

5-Providing special job opportunities

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